Administrative Core

The Administrative Core is responsible for monitoring and evaluating day-to-day operations, research, training and progress of community activities, including information dissemination.  The Administrative Core works directly with the External Advisory Committee.

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The specific aims  of the Administrative Core are to:

1. Establish and maintain all partnerships, advisory and executive boards, and Disparities Center related cores, trainings, and community activities;
2. Establish and oversee the process for the initial solicitation, review, and selection and justification of the research projects and activities included in the application;
3. Allocate and oversee all Project EXPORT Center funds and personnel resources, including establishing and maintaining a web site; and
4. Review the utilization and quality of center resources and activities by conducting ongoing evaluations to support evidenced-based decisions to ensure the overall success of the Project EXPORT Center.

A coordinated effort is needed to maximize resources and leverage partnership to address health disparities and improve health outcomes, especially for minority and medically underserved communities.  The high quality administration  of a dedicated center to improve minority health and reduce health disparities is critical to ensuring the public investment in research is making anticipated gains.

Faculty on Project EXPORT
Admin Core

1MartinsDavid Martins, MB, MS (CDU)

Associate Professor
Department of Internal Medicine

EXPORT Principal Investigator (also Administrative Core)
Click for Profile

1-ShapiroMartin Shapiro, M.D., M.D.C.M., M.P.H., Ph.D. (UCLA)
Chief, General Internal Medicine
Division of Health Services and General Internal Medicine
Department of Medicine

EXPORT Principal Investigator
Research Core Leader
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