The Research Core

The Research Core provides methodological services and support to research subprojects and junior investigators and collaborates with the Education and Research Training and the Community Outreach and Engagement cores.

The Research Core of the Center seeks to build capacity for high quality research on health disparities through the conduct of substantial community-based research studies, methodological support for minority investigators who are new to the field, and building of research capacity and advanced research methods in the field of health disparities at CDU and UCLA.

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The Specific Aims are:

1) To select, conduct and monitor the progress of translational research studies
on issues related to disparities, particularly those affecting African Americans and Latinos;

2) To provide methodological support for ongoing research studies, as well as to minority junior investigators and others new to the field of disparities research in the areas of study design and manuscript preparation; and

3) To build capacity for the development and implementation of innovative disparities research in the CDU and UCLA environments.

Core Leaders: Martin Shapiro, M.D., Ph.D. and Jeanne Miranda, Ph.D.

Mohsen Bazargan (Drew Director)
Jeanne Miranda  (Co-Inv UCLA)
Ronald Hays  (Co-Inv UCLA)
Bita Amani (Co-Inv CDU)

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